Where to start? And an invitation.

Adam, a Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIP, who wants to start an information marketing business, sent me the following:

I’m not looking for getting rich quick (I’m way beyond that) and am looking to build a REAL business, a systematic, highly efficient, organized, well-leveraged business with high growth potential and sustainability building assets over coming months and years ahead, etc.

My question to you Dave is this…

With all the endless and countless methods, strategies, and approaches, where would you suggest I start?

What advice and guidance would you give to say “yourself” if starting from absolute scratch and at the very beginning again right now?

It’s a good question, and my answer is somewhat different than what the “gurus” teach. They would tell you to find a hot target market.

I agree that finding a niche is the right move. However, there is a step you need to take before you choose that “hot” niche and that is to evaluate yourself.

The easiest market to be successful in is one were/are intimately involved. My first info-products business was selling to magicians while I was a magician. I knew what the folks in the market wanted, what they were feeling, the problems that they were having, etc. because I was one of them.

The next “easiest” market is one where you have some “affinity.” For example, your dad was a dentist, and you saw how much he struggled to get patients, so you made it your mission to help dentists.

The most challenging market to sell to is one that you’re not familiar with at all. Yes, you can do it, but it is a much longer and expensive road to hoe because you need to do a LOT of research and testing.

After you determine your market, ask yourself this question, “What knowledge, systems, “tools” do I have that can really help someone in that market solve a significant problem they are having.”

Listen, there are enough fake “gurus” who learn information marketing tactics and then rip people off by selling unproven, untested strategies that they’ve never actually done themselves or even tested with other people. You see them advertising on Facebook ALL OF THE TIME. (My blood pressure is rising now because these scam artists give the info-marketing industry and bad name, and worse, crush people’s hopes and dreams.)

There are other factors but answering the question of, “Who can I truly help sell a significant problem?” should be where you start when you’re thinking about starting an information marketing business.

As I was writing this, I just decided to hold a live webcast this Thursday at 7:00 PM ET, to give anyone who is interested an inside look at this information marketing business and what it entails.

I don’t have an agenda yet, but I can tell you a couple of things I have in mind for it.

First, I will not be teaching nitty-gritty details about how to start an information marketing business. That would be a waste of everyone’s time because there are a lot of moving parts and there is NO WAY I can teach you to start a real business in an hour. What I will be doing is giving you an overview the business, probably like no one has ever done before. You are going to get the truth, so if you decide you want to start this new business, you will know what you’re getting into.

Second, I will be selling training for people who are deadly serious about wanting to start an info-biz. I’m not sure if it will be home-study training, done-with-you, done-for-you, or a combination of both. THERE IS NO WAY TO START THIS BUSINESS WITHOUT GETTING TRAINING. Now, whether you decide to get it from me or someone else, is another matter. But the fact is you need to get someone’s coaching and guidance.

The fact is this special webcast probably isn’t for people who are merely “curious. ” It’s really for someone who has been thinking about starting an info-biz or has started one and is struggling and wants to learn what it takes to be successful.

If that’s you, and you want to join me, you need to reserve your spot here:


Have a great day.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Can You Handle The Truth” Dee