What I did as a young, lost buck in the cruel business forest

Step into my time machine and let’s travel back in time when I didn’t know squat about sales or marketing.

I was still under the allusion if I was excellent at my craft, I’d be successful. I’d practice and practice thinking that somehow, someway, that would turn into money. 

Oh, and I also did the affirmations and visualizations for success, but the “law” of attraction wasn’t working in my favor. No, young Dave was falling further into debt and despair.

Then, one day, like a baseball bat that hit me upside the head, I realized if I was going to be successful, I need to focus the majority of my efforts on SELLING my service.

I tried cold calling. It kinda worked, but man did it suck! I used to dread waking up in the morning knowing I’d had to get on the phone and pitch. That wasn’t going to be sustainable for me. I knew there had to be another way.

Soon after that, I discovered the power of direct response marketing, but even though I understood the principles behind what made it effective, there was one skill that I needed to master to make it work. And that skill was


And what is copywriting? Nothing more than SALESMANSHIP in print or video, or audio. It is SELLING. 

So I got to work and started studying copywriting, but I did more than that, I did something that the late, great Gary Halbert told his students, namely:

Write out great ads written by the best copywriters on the planet by hand. 

The more I did this, the better I got writing my own copy. Soon I was placing ads and sending sales letters out that made the phone ring and brought in mucho DEEnero.

In my not so humble opinion, copywriting is the most critical skill you can learn as an entrepreneur because it encompasses every aspect of marketing you’ll ever do.

You can learn the basics of copywriting from countless books and courses but if you want to learn the ADVANCED stuff, the stuff that’ll take your sales copy to an entirely new level, then giddy-up and become a Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIP, because that is the topic of my upcoming VIP only masterclass.

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Dave “Copy Is King” Dee