This mad me MAD at Mad Men last night

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Karen an I have an unhealthy addiction to the show Mad Men.

In last night’s episode, there was a “showdown” between an obnoxious local car dealer who represented other dealerships and Don Draper (the creative director.)

The car dealer wanted some his advertising dollars moved from the national, image type ads, to local direct response advertising that would help him sell cars.

Of course, the show made the local dealer look like an ass and crass. The truth is, the character is both of those things. However, that doesn’t make him WRONG in what he wanted. The dude wanted RESULTS HE COULD SEE IN HIS BANK ACCOUNT.

Don won the battle and the national image ads his team so lovingly created, were to continue to run. The show framed this as a “victory” when in fact, it was a major loss for the dealer. 

You see, the money to pay for Don’s pretty image ads was not coming out of his pocket. Awards matter more to the high falutin’ creative types than do results.

As an entrepreneur, you canNOT fall into this thinking EVER. You must ALWAYS use direct response marketing, with your “image” being a byproduct of that. 

Remember this: Results Rule Period.

That’s why I create a done-for-you direct response sales campaign for my Inner Sanctum VIP’s every month. I want them to copy, paste, send, and start depositing the “DEEnero” in their bank accounts immediately. 

Forget what Don Draper, your spouse, your competitors, or anyone else thinks. ALL that matters are measurable results.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Still Dig The Show” Dee

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