What happened last night and what I learned from it

As I wearily crawled into bed at 5:00 AM this morning after a seven-hour flight from Atlanta to Dallas, I felt grateful. But it didn’t start that way.

My journey started at 6:30 pm yesterday with a very talkative Lyft driver bringing me to the airport through an onslaught of rush hour traffic. I don’t think the woman tool at breath as she told me story after story and gave her opinion on a litany of diverse topics.

Finally, I was in the Delta lounge sipping a glass of Prosecco, and eating a small plate of what was supposed to be pesto chicken salad but resembled a St. Patrick’s Day, food coloring project gone wrong.

Then the news came that the plane was slightly delayed because of weather in Dallas. No problemo, I saddled up to the bar for a red blend to help wash down my second plate of chicken.

Before I knew it, I’m sitting on the plane in seat 2B. Fortunately, my neighbor is as unfriendly as me and had his headphones on to avoid having to make conversation.

We take off, and I fall asleep. Hey, a belly full of chicken pesto and two glasses of wine will do that to the best of us.

When I awake, we get the bad news that the weather in Dallas has worsened and that we will continue to circle the friendly skies for as long as we can but that the plane only has enough fuel for one more hour. Being a seasoned traveler, I knew what that meant; we were eventually going to be diverted to another airport.

An hour later, we landed in Austin, TX to refuel and wait out the storm in Dallas. Another hour passed, and away we went. Finally, we touched down in Dallas.

Wearily I get off the plane, and as I’m walking through the airport to ground transportation, I see a slew of poor souls sleeping on chairs, benches, and the floor because their flights were canceled and they had nowhere to go.

I request a Lyft, and then I wait and wait. It’s a madhouse. Even though I am under a roof, I the cold rain mists me. Thirty minutes later, my driver finally arrives and whisks me off to the hotel – which he has a little trouble finding. But, I arrived safe and sound.

Before I fall asleep, I take out my Five Minute Journal and write down the three amazing things that happened to me today, and that’s when I realized how fortunate I am.

First, someone is flying me first class to speak at their event. How many people never get to travel anywhere let alone in first class?

Then, I am fortunate to sit in the Delta Lounge, drink wine and eat food. I wonder how many hungry people would kill for this opportunity.

I also wonder how many of the poor souls sleeping at the airport, would love to be headed to a top rate hotel to sleep and have someone else pay for it.

Yes, I got slightly wet from the rain, but I wonder how many homeless people there are with no shelter from the elements.

And let’s not forget about my two drivers, especially the second one, a gentleman who appeared to be in his sixties. My guess is he would rather have been sleeping than driving me around Dallas at 4:00 AM.

Of course, then there is today.

I get to write to you, a fellow entrepreneur who is passionate about their success. Later this afternoon, I’ll be on stage performing my “Theater Of The Mind” mind reading show, which I love to do. After that, I’ll have a nice dinner with my brother-in-law who is in town. Tomorrow morning I’ll be on stage again, this time talking to an audience of entrepreneurs about sales persuasion.

Wow. My trip wasn’t so bad after all.

Make it a great day.

Dave “Feeling Blessed” Dee

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