Final answer to this never ending question

Yesterday afternoon,  I talked to a Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIP, a  financial advisor. He told me that he wanted to create webinars to book appointments that were fifteen minutes long max.

I asked him why so short, and he said because other experts told him anything beyond that is too long, and people won’t watch it.

The “other experts” are idiots.

This advice goes back to the long copy/short copy argument. When I worked at the former GKIC, a CEO truly believed he was a marketing expert. (He was anything but that.) He insisted that all of our emails be short and that we use short copy to sell stuff. Guess how well that worked? Right, not very well at all.

Whether it’s a webinar, video, sales letter, whatever, your sales copy needs to be as long as it needs to be to get the job done and no longer. But to put a limit on the length is just plain dumb.

You need to look at what outcome you’re looking for when creating any sales materials,

For example, if the outcome you desire is to fill your calendar with crappy, unqualified leads, then a short webinar with a bribe offer might do the trick. On the other hand, if your outcome is to fill your calendar with pre-qualified leads who are pre-sold working with you and consider you to the go-to authority and expert. A fifteen-minute webinar isn’t going to cut the mustard because there are many things you must accomplish during the webinar.

There are so many fake experts in Internet land, dispensing foolish advice that is costing you time, money, and sales and a tremendous amount of frustration because you do what they say and still don’t get results.

In this short email, I just laid down the truth about webinars and, in general, any copy that sells. Listen to other “expert” advice at your own risk.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “A Bit Ornery” Dee

P.S. Funny little side note. The former CEO of GKIC told me that he didn’t like my emails because they were too long. (I used to write the sales emails in Dan Kennedy’s voice.) Mind you, these emails brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. He told me that he received a “certification in email marketing.” I almost fell over laughing and said, “My certification is making money with email.” Certifications don’t make someone an expert, Bubba.

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