Why you should be using this newfangled technology to close sales

Today,  I’m going to step outside my proverbial box and talk about technology that you should be using right now to sell more of your stuff.

Now, no one would accuse me of being a technological wiz kid but even I can do what I’m going tell you to do.  It’s crazy-simple.

“What is this newfangled technology?!” you scream?

Facebook Live.

Stick with me, grasshopper.

We know that Facebook is huge. We know that your customers, yes your customers, are on Facebook and probably spending a lot of time on it. So are your prospects.

We also know that establishing yourself as an authority, expert and celebrity not only helps you generate more leads but makes closing the sale easier.

We can also agree that multiple touches, via varying media, is important if you want to get maximum results from your marketing efforts.

Well, the fine folks at Facebook have made it easy and free to help us evil capitalists do that by allowing us to post live videos on their platform that will show up in our friends and fans feeds, and, if we want, we can show it to prospects for chump change as well.

It’s tough to beat easy and free, isn’t it?

So, if you’re not using Facebook live in your business, why not?

I taught this to a skeptical doctor friend of mine. She didn’t think she could do it. What nervous as hell the first time she gave it a go. She didn’t think it would work.  But lo and behold, she got a new patient the very first time she gave it a try and now she’s hooked.

Give it a go, my friend…or you can just keep reading Facebook posts about what your friends had for dinner the night before.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Mr. Technology” Dee

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