Don’t be like these ass clowns

Uncle Dave is going to give you a stern talking to for your own good.

There are a lot of speaker trainers who teach a totally hyped way to deliver sales presentations. They teach you to use obvious, corny and blatantly manipulative sales techniques.

If you ever run across one of these clowns that tells you that you should stand on a chair in the back of the room after your presentation…runaway quickly.

You do NOT and should not do that kind of stuff for most audiences. I guess if you’re selling to the biz op crowd that stuff works BUT for ANY other audience you will look like a jerk and lose total credibility.

I don’t want to see a lawyer, dentist, financial advisor, etc who I’m thinking about hiring acting like a pitchman.

You can be very persuasive without any of that stuff.

Subtle and nearly subliminal techniques that bypass your prospects’ conscious minds are not only more effective but will enhance your credibility and positioning instead of detracting from it.

To learn how to sell more of your products or services without being salesy,

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Dave “Don’t Be A Clown” Dee