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For more than 20 years, Dave has been professional service providers sell more of their services.

Whether speaking before an audience of 3,000, working with his mentoring groups, consulting with private clients, or through his online courses, or seminars, Dave’s mission is helping motivated business owners increase their profits by mastering the art and science of virtual selling.

Who Else Wants Results Like These?

After learning one of the sales techniques you teach, I used it every time before a presentation and engaged 10 clients in a row!

Robert Galliano

Before learning your system, I struggled to get appointments from my estate planning seminars. Now I close 75% of the room!”

Linda Sherfey

I’ve spent more than three decades as a professional speaker. I’ve presented on stages in more than 50 countries to millions of people worldwide. And I say from experience that Dave Dee’s speaking program is one of the most effective training programs I’ve seen to date. I highly recommend this training because the result of sales-speaking mastery will change your business and your life forever.

Brian Tracy

I made my biggest sale of over $249,000 using the exact methods you teach. Before using your product, I was hesitant about the whole sales process. Your product provided me specific guidance in the language and scripts I need to use and gave me the confidence. Your sales product has transformed my sales skills. I took your advice and implemented them. Thanks again. Dave.

Venu Sripada

I have another HOMERUN to report! I sold 40 CPAs (out of a room of 125 primaries) a $1,997 product that also had $297 a month (got this gem from you too) membership program attached. I increased my membership by nearly 30% in a 75-minute presentation! This is better than DRUGS!

Michael Rozbruch

“Just one tip, out of the many you provided, doubled my sales without having to work longer hours.”

David Farr

“As a professional speaker with years of experience in selling from the stage, I was skeptical. Boy was I wrong!  This is simply the most comprehensive course on the topic that I’ve ever studied. I’ve already seen the results of the changes that I’ve made in my own presentations and I recently sold $270,000.00 to an audience of 400 in my best ever sales presentation.  ”

Andrew Lock

“Dave Dee changed my life. By following his system, I made $117,000 in just 67 minutes.”

Alexis Martin Neely

“Your stuff has basically tripled my business and my income. Anyone not using your materials should have their head examined.”

Tim Piccirillo

“Your program has boosted our sales practically fivefold!”

Ric Ewing, CA

My business has increased by almost 400% by following your information.”

Jim Fassbinder

“I more than tripled my business last year thanks to you!”

Eduardo Ramos, FL

Dave,  Last week I did a seminar and at the end, 83% of the audience went back to the registration table to make an appointment to see us privately in the next 2 weeks.  That is the highest percentage we have ever had to set an appointment, and obviously, no appointment, no DEEnero! “

Dave Heath

Dave Dee’s program is incredible. I have done a lot of webinars and taken several speaker’s training programs, and this course had the most impact by far.  I ran a webinar last week on my own, then I took, took Dave’s course, put his techniques in place, and did the webinar again.  The second time, with a smaller audience, I had double the sales! 

Kim Walsh Phillips

I used your system and did 50k on the front end with one presentation!

Greg Rollett

Lots of attorneys give seminars especially on estate planning, but they walk away empty-handed. Dave Dee’s proven and easy to understand methods make my seminars more entertaining but more importantly get attendees to take action! A hidden benefit I discovered is attendees are more motivated to become clients than with any other marketing media I’m using.

(Name withheld by request)

Dave Dee’s programs take you to step by step through the process of sales in a way you can understand and implement easily. The only way he could make it easier is to sit at your desk and do it for you! Dollar for dollar it is the best investment you willmake in a very, very long time.

Adrian Wells

I was so excited to get the box from you with all the GREAT sales info. The system is incredible!

Leeza Gibbons

Right after the Super Conference, I used your concept in a presentation at a meeting and sold to 7 out of 15 people in the room on my software. Powerful stuff.

Nathan Ho

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