Time management made simple…

I had a GREAT “date” with my eight year old daughter, Gina,last night. She got all dressed up, I bought her a rose and we went out for a nice dinner. Then it was off to a hotel, where we swam in the pool, watched a movie and talked.

What a night!

I make sure I have plenty of time to do these things, the*really* important things in life. But in order to do that,I need to manage my time. Here is how I do it:

I always take 10-15 minutes in the morning to plan my day.

I simply write down the six most important things I need to do that day. Writing down just six things forces me to focus on what is truly important. I used to make a huge list of”to dos” but would then do the easy stuff so I could get the satisfaction of crossing things off my list. Many times, the important or “hard” stuff would never be gotten to.

After I determine what I’m going to do, I write down how much time I’m going to devote to that activity and block off that time on my calendar.

Now, this is where discipline comes in. Not only do I have to work on the projects at their scheduled times, I must stop working on them when the time for each project is up.I’m not very good at this! I get into a project and don’t want to stop! The problem is, if I don’t stop working on one thing, I can’t get to the other important things!

Try this very simple time management system for the next few days and you’ll see how powerful it is and how much your productivity goes up.

Kick butt, make mucho “dee-nero!”

~Dave Dee

P.S. Oh, one of the things I always put on my daily list is”lead generation.” Dan Kennedy teaches that every day you should do a *least* one thing to generate new clients. he’s right on the money. Of course, this is easy if you already have a complete lead generation system in place. I just so happen to have the BEST system on the planet, it’s darn cheap and I put my money where my mouth is like no one else dares to do. Check it out pronto by going to:






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