The dumb thing business owners say... - Dave Dee

The dumb thing business owners say…

It be comical, if it wasn’t so sad.

I have business owners, mostly the artsy, fartsy type or the service professional say to me “I want to increase my business but I don’t want to be a salesman.”


That has to be one of the dumbest thing that can come out of anyones mouth.

Everything is selling and the profitability of your business, regardless of what business you are in, is based on your ability to sell.

When I was teaching marketing to magicians, many moons ago, I’d laugh when they would tell me that their marketing wasn’t working. When I would probe further, I’d discover that they were indeed generating a ton of qualified leads but then not closing the sale. The marketing was doing it’s just, the problem was they were not working at selling!

Almost universally, the most successful entrepreneurs were involved in hardcore selling.

If you want to make a dramatic improvement in your profits, start studying selling and get everyone on your team to do the same. Remember, everyone is selling…all the time!

Kick butt, make mucho deenero!

Dave Dee

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