This sucks but definitely works

The doorbell rang the other day, and there stood a kid selling magazine subscriptions.

Yep, the youngin’ was doing old-fashioned door-to-door cold calling.

When I first got into the entertainment biz, I’d hit the phones and cold call companies trying to talk to the decision maker who booked entertainment for corporate functions.

It sucked bad. Real bad.

I hated it. Check that; I dreaded it.

The rejection and downright rudeness of some folks made me quickly realize that I’d better find a better way of generating leads and making sales or my days were numbered. I knew there was no way I was going to cold call every day.

But, you know what, my fine feathered friend?

It worked.

Yep. I’d made contacts and sales at zero marketing expense. (Yes, you could argue that it wasn’t free because I was investing my time, but my time back then wasn’t worth a whole lot.)

The question is, how could I get all the benefits of cold calling without the overwhelming negatives?

Fortunately, I figured out the answer to that question, and I was off to the races.

The truth is that what I did back in the day, direct mail, still works today BUT, BUT, BUT, there are superior ways to generate leads that give you all of the benefits of cold calling and direct mail with NONE of the negatives.

And one of the best ways to produce a steady stream of QUALIFIED leads is Linkedin.

With Linkedin, you can precisely target your ideal prospect like you can with direct mail, actually better than you can with direct mail, at NO COST. You can make personal contact with your prospects, just like you can with cold calling, actually better because you often bypass the gatekeeper problem, and you face no personal rejection.

If you sell b to b, and yes, even b to c, you absolutely must be using Linkedin to generate leads. Not doing so is a marketing sin. The question is, how do you make it work systematically?

Do not fear, Dr. Dee is here!

In this month’s Inner Sanctum VIP masterclass, I grilled a world’s leading expert on using Linkedin to generate high-quality leads for FREE, and he laid out his complete system in a paint-by-the-numbers format. This is so friggin’ easy that event nearly anyone can do it. By the way, the masterclass is not an overview of using Linkedin for lead gen; it is a step-by-step treatise.

The masterclass is released this Saturday, after that it’s locked in the vault.  Get your VIP on now, so you don’t miss out.

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Dave “Cold Calling Without Cold Calling” Dee