The red-headed stepchild of lead generation

I’m flying on a jet plane to Sin City today to speak at the SAM marketing conference with legend, Jay Abraham and other sales and marketing luminaries.

Can ya guess what your fearless leader will be talking about?

If you answered,  “one-to-many selling,” then dang it, pat yourself on the back.

There ‘tis no better way to sell your products or service en masse than with Dr. Dee’s methodology, however, to make one-to-many selling work, YOU NEED LEADS. If nobody watches your presentation, it doesn’t matter how good it is, now does it? (Yes, that was a profound statement, indeed.)

There are blue bazillion different ways to lead generate, but today, all the craze Facebook. No problemo with that. Heck, I’m paying someone $5,000 a month to do it for me. (Doing correctly is COMPLICATED, my friend.)

The red-headed stepchild of lead generation methodology no one talks too much about is Linkedin. It might not be as sexy as Facebook but, done correctly, you can generate a consistent flow of A-list quality leads – for free.

Here’s a sweet little sales funnel for you:

  1. Use Linkedin to produce high-quality leads using a precise methodology.
  2. Invite your leads to watch a webinar.
  3. Sell your product at the end of the webinar or book follow-up appointments.

Yes, young squire, it can be that easy.

Understand that your lead acquisition cost is ZERO and that the leads you do get are top notch, NOT freebie seekers like with many of the folks you get on Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong; you should test using Facebook BUT, as I’m sure Jay Abraham is going to talk about later this week, you want to have MULTIPLE ways of bringing in leads.

Understand this as well, adding Linkedin to your marketing mix lowers your overall cost per lead because the leads you generate with Linkedin cost nothing.

I am NOT a Linkedin lead gen expert, but I wanted to learn how to do it for my own business, so I interviewed one of the very best experts on precisely what to do, and I’m releasing that interview on Saturday to all of my Inner Sanctum VIPS.

Understand this is not an “overview” of using Linkedin, but a step-by-step masterclass. EVERYTHING you need to know, including the correct order to do it in, is included.

Unlike Facebook, you’ll be stunned by the simplicity of generating a FLOW of leads using Linkedin. No joke, it is easy.

Don’t miss this special edition Inner Sanctum VIP masterclass. Join here:

Dave “Greek Parthenon*” Dee

*Did you get the reference?

Jay Abraham famously talks about building your business like a Greek Parthenon, with many pillars, i.e., ways to attract clients holding it up as opposed to a diving board with only one pillar.