What I told a private coaching client today

Today’s email is a tad bit late but worth the wait.

Tuesday is my day for calls, and this particular Tuesday is where I do my private one-on-one calls with my Private Clients.

As aside one of my private clients is on track to DOUBLE his sales, and another one has a year over year increase of 25% in his closing percentage. (That’s pure profit, my fine feathered friend.)LOVE IT.

Anyway, another client asked me for advice for his sons who have a fledgling business. These dudes are smart and talented but overcomplicate things. They’re always shooting videos and put together funnels which is all well and good; however, they’re skirting around the main thing they should be doing – making offers and selling.

My advice was simple:

  1. Create an irresistible offer. (Not a B.S., half-hearted offer but rather a GODFATHER offer.)
  2. Write an email and send the offer to all of their clients, both current and past.
  3. Call all of their clients, both current and past, and make the same offer over the phone.

BOOM – instant sales surge.

No fancy funnel. No video production.

Simple and effective.

Every business owner could do the same thing. Yep, even you.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Sell, baby, sell” Dee

P.S. Interested in my Private Client Program? Send an email to karen@davedee.com with that subject line, and she’ll email you the details.