This book is blowing me away

I’m reading the book “NO” by Jim Camp, and it’s taking me a long time because I keep re-reading passages and taking notes.

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Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

On page 46 of the book “No,” Camp writes:

…In fact, this is conventional wisdom in the business world. Such wisdom tells you to set long-term goals, written goals, big goals, pie-in-the-sky goals. But do you really have control over these kinds of performance goals? I’m afraid not. These are results over which you have no more control than a slugger has over his home-run total for the year.”

On page 47 he goes onto say:

Goals to improve your actions and your behavior are the only valid goals because they are the only ones you can control, and achieving those goals will see you through any negotiation and lead to all the “results” you desire. But concentrating on numerical results as your goal is a terrible waste of time and energy.

Before you dismiss this advice out of hand because the “laws” of traditional goal setting have been drilled into your head over and over, take a minute to contemplate Mr. Camp’s philosophy. I think it is spot on.

In fact, in fact, a couple of years ago I taught a goal setting course that was very much in-line with this philosophy. Overall people loved it. Some though vehemently disagreed with what I taught.

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Motivational Monday”