Lessons from my incredible mother

Today is a day when we get to celebrate our moms.

My mother is the cornerstone of our family and the kindest woman I have ever known.

She was and still is, always there to listen. And I mean listen not with the intent to reply but rather to understand.

She embodies the saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” I have never heard her speak ill of anyone.

When you talk to my mom, she is present and engaged. She asks meaningful questions, and then follow-up questions to dig deeper.

She is strong – very strong, in a quiet, dignified way. Mom doesn’t need to raise her voice to get her point and feelings across.

My mother laughs often but never at anyone but rather with everyone.

She was superior at her chosen vocation of raising three children. She always did more for my two sisters and me than anyone could expect.

I love getting handwritten notes from mom, often accompanied by clippings from the paper about things she knows that I’m interested in.

My mother, pure and simple is the embodiment of love.

As you probably are aware, if we embraced the lessons from my mom in our business and our life, we’d not only be better entrepreneurs but better people.

Happy Mothers Day to ALL the fantastic moms throughout the world.

Dave “Blessed To Have Elizabeth DiPietro As My Mother” Dee