The #1 sales killer (The sad story of Bob & Irene)

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Do you know what the number factor is that will kill your sales more than anything else?

It’s neediness.

When you need to make the sale, regardless what you’re selling, you give off a scent that your prospect can smell from a mile away and it repels them.

Let’s use one of my favorite non-business related examples: A dude trying to get a woman to like him. We’ll call him “Bob.”

Our friend Bob digs this chick, we’ll call her “Irene,”  and he wants her to like him as well. Check, that, Bob’s fragile ego and lack of self-esteem, means that he needs her to like him. So Bob goes out of his way to be extra nice and overly attentive.

When Irene texts Bob, he immediately texts back and keeps texting until Irene stops.

When Irene calls, Bob jumps to pick up the phone and talks and talks and talks, until Irene says she has to go.

Irene says she wants to go out for drinks and even though Bob has already made other plans, he cancels them rushed out to meet Irene and pay for her drinks. When he get’s to the bar, he is disappointed to see that Irene has brought her friend, Matilda with her. Of course, Bob buys both of their drinks.

Yep, ole Bob is eager to please – too much so. And, as you can guess, Bob is devasted to find out that his beloved Irene has slept with that “jerk” Roberto, who isn’t even nice to Irene.

What our friend Bob doesn’t understand is that his neediness turned off his prospect, Irene. Irene took his neediness as a sign of weakness, which it was, and used Bob to get what she wanted and then dumped him.

When you need to make the sale, you put yourself in the worst position possible.

To avoid needing to sell any one prospect, you need to get good at one-to-many selling.

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Dave “Be Like Roberto, Not Bob” Dee