I’m thinking about becoming a fashion model

I spent nearly the entire day yesterday in downtown Atlanta getting professional photographs done. Makeup, hair, lighting, wardrobe – the whole shebang.

Karen came with me and had some pictures done and loved the experience.

Me? Not so much. I’d rather been selling something. So I guess becoming a world-famous fashion model is not in the cards for me.

Anyway, I’m talking to the photographer, and he is lamenting that business is slow. Mind you this guy is mega-talented and has photographed a lot of famous folks.

I asked him how he generated leads and he gave me the dreaded “word of mouth” answer.

To his credit, he knew this was a mistake and wanted to start selling via direct response marketing. Good idea.

He asked me for my advice, another good idea, and here is what I told him:

Instead of trying to go straight to consumers, find our business owners who already have the type of customers you want and market to them to set up joint ventures. One good joint venture partner could keep your calendar full of appointments.

How about you kemosabe? Who should you be marketing to that already has your ideal customer?

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “The Next Fabio” Dee

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