She could not believe it

Hope your weekend was awesome, kemosabe.

To start the week, I wanted to share with you cool story that’ll hopefully inspire you.

I spoke at Kim Walsh Phillips event in New Jersey on Friday and after I was done, Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIP, Jennifer Sanchez, excitedly came up to me and said she had some great news. She had run a cash flow surge campaign for her med-spa business and CRUSHED IT to the tune of $25,000.

She was thrilled, a bit overwhelmed, and stunned by the results. The truth is, young Jennifer wasn’t sure that this type of campaign would work in her business. But here is what she did that most business owners don’t do:


The majority of business owners fall into the trap of thinking, “My business is different so that won’t work for me.” That thinking is not only lazy, but it prevents them from experiencing breakthroughs as Jennifer had. You’re not going to get a breakthrough by being a sheep and copying the “industry norm.” Your breakthroughs are going to occur by taking proven strategies that aren’t typically used in your type of business and applying them. Will all of them work? Of course not. But that’s part of the game.

When I went from doing three shows a month to averaging 25 gigs a month, I tried a LOT of different things. I didn’t do one thing and hoped it worked. Nor did I stop testing strategies when a couple of the ones I tried didn’t produce results. I merely said, “Next!” and tried something else.

A significant breakthrough for me that NO ONE other magician was using to book gigs was long-form, lead generation sales letters. I would never have had the success I did if I had succumbed to thinking that “my business was different,” and “no one else in my industry is doing it so I won’t either.”

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Dave “Mr. Breakthrough” Dee