Results from today

I just finished a four hour livecast in Phoenix with my private client and friend Michael Rozbruch. He crushed it. While I’m not at liberty to give you the exact numbers, I can tell you it broke the six figure mark. 

Something interesting and instructive happened in segment two of the livecast. I was interviewing Michael and ask him a question that a viewer had put into chat. The question revolved around why was Michael selling so hard. (These questions typically come from freebie seekers who will never be successful.)

Michael looked straight into the camera and with unbridled passion explained that he felt he had a moral obligation to do everything he could to sell the product because of the RESULTS it gets for people who buy it.  His intensity increased as he went on to say that this product changes people’s lives. 

I was a bit taken aback by his eloquent yet fiery response. It was riveting live video because it was raw and real. Michael wasn’t putting on act for the camera. He was showing his unwavering belief in what he was selling.

Do you have that much enthusiasm for your product or service. Do you let YOUR passion for it come through in your sales presentations. If not, why not? Since a great deal of selling is a transference of emotion, you will see an instant increase in sales when you let you prospect know how you feel about what you’re selling.

One other thing:

Michael was spot on when he said he had a “moral obligation” to sell hard.  So do you. If you don’t use every ethical sales technique you can to influence the prospect to buy, you are doing yourself, your family, and your prospect a huge disservice.

Can I hear an “amen” brothers and sisters?!

Dave “Preach It” Dee

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