Change of heart

I’ve written about it many times.

My long-time students know my stance on it.

I’m talking about my disdain for Mexican food. On occasion, I’ve had some of this cuisine that was pretty good but overall, I thought it all tasted the same. Kind of like slop.

Then I had high-end Mexican food in Mexico.

Dang, that stuff is amazing!

Karen and I had two different five-course tasting menus at Bu’ul and my mind was blown. In fact, those meals rank in the top ten dining experiences I’ve ever had.

The flavors were complex. The tastes subtle and powerful at the same time. The textures within in each dish were pleasantly surprising. Eating this food was like a  symphony of flavors in my mouth.

There are many lessons to be gleaned from culinary adventure but what struck me immediately was how these dinners were like a great presentation.

The meal started out with a bang with a lobster dish that made you sit up and take notice just as your presentation has to grab your audiences’ attention.

The transitions between course were smooth just as you need to transition between your opening, middle, and close.

As I mentioned, there was “texture” and variety in the meal. You need to do the same with your presentation. You need to make your audience laugh, think, feel great, feel bad, and more.

Heck, there were even “surprise bonuses” during the meal. Just when you thought the dinner was over, the chef brought out an extra dessert, and then an unexpected after dinner drink.

One final thing, this restaurant knew they were doing more than serving dinner. They understood that they were entertaining their guests.

I could keep going on but now I’m hungry.

I think I’ll go make a Mexican omelette.

Dave “Mexican Food Connoisseur” Dee

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