{Part 3} The Diabolical Secret - Dave Dee

{Part 3} The Diabolical Secret

Yesterday, I gave you the skinny on the magic of online events, today I’m going to share with you my diabolical secret for getting a slew of people to register for your event, and an off the charts number of those folks to show up for it. (As a reminder, my client had a whopping 65% show-up rate.)

No one, other than my clients use the strategy you’re about to learn.

Before I reveal it to you in all its glory, let’s go over the email promotion schedule.

You want to send one email per day, for four days leading up to your event. So let’s say your event is on a Thursday. Email one would go out on Monday, email two on Tuesday, email three on Wednesday, and email four on Thursday, the morning of your event. (You will get a lot of last-minute registrations, by the way.)

After doing a lot of online events, I’ve found that more than four days of email promotion is too much. People will get bored, and folks who register more than four days in advance of the event, are less likely to show up. (Please note that I am talking about the standard, one-hour live online event and not the expanded four-hour version. That’s a whole other ball of wax.)

Okay, now for part one of the diabolical secret:

You write one, kick-ass email with rocking, teaser bullet points, and send out a variation of that same email four times. And by “variation,” I mean that you write a new opening paragraph for each email, and copy and paste email numero uno into them.

But, here is the big ole juicy secret:

You send all four emails to everyone on your list, even to the people who registered. 

Read that again. It is worth a ton of DEEnero to you.

Sending all four emails to everyone not only acts as a reminder to the folks who registered for the event, but it also reinforces their decision to sign-up in the first place.

I write the emails, so they make sense to people who haven’t registered yet, and to people who have registered. Plus, each email amps up the excitement level, which leads to a massive show-up rate.

Following my strategy, you do NOT have to create a video series, like most of the gurus teach, to keep people engaged. All you need to do is click “send.”

I hope you understand the significance and power of what I just taught you. That strategy is the secret sauce for filling your events.

Tomorrow, we’re going to conclude this mini-course by going over the final piece of the puzzle, which is the super-easy technology I use to conduct the online event, and significant discovery I’ve made about landing pages, and reminder emails which makes your life a heck of a lot easier.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Sneaky Devil” Dee

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