{Part 3} A devilishly clever method for attracting leads - Dave Dee

{Part 3} A devilishly clever method for attracting leads


Did I scare ya?

Today, in the final part of our unnamed series about attracting clients, I’m going to share with you a simple tip that produces spooktacular results.

I’ve mentioned the use of an oversized postcard to generate leads when I sold Magnetic Marketing. There is stellar sales copy written by Dan Kennedy on both the front and the back of the postcard, but I did make one slight change to it. Namely, I changed all of the testimonials to match the target market I was mailing to. For example, when I sent it to dentists, all the testimonials were from dentists. Make this slight change causes a significant boost in response.

I’ve done the same thing with webinars and onstage presentations. If I’m speaking to a niche audience, I make sure that at least some of the testimonials are from people inside the niche. Granted, this isn’t always possible, but when it is, it’s always worth the effort.

Here’s one more idea before I vanish quicker than Dracula at sunrise:

When you get a powerful testimonial from a happy client, use that as the basis, write a lead generation email and a printed mail piece, and send it to prospects in the same industry. I would often put the testimonial on the outside of the envelope and use a yellow highlighter to make it stand out. That not only gets your letter noticed, but opened.

Yes, it’s genius.

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Dave “Happy Halloween” Dee

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