{Part 2} A frighteningly powerful system for attracting clients - Dave Dee

{Part 2} A frighteningly powerful system for attracting clients

Yesterday in part one of this unnamed series, I gave you a list of all the tools I used to sell Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing program like a man possessed.

Today, I’ll lay out the complete system I used that is so powerful, it’s frightening.

First, the offline components:

  1. I mailed an oversized postcard, packed with copy, that offered a CD of Dan’s “Magnetic Marketing” one-to-many sales presentation. (Obviously, I didn’t call it that.)
  2. When someone requested the CD, I would have that mailed to them along with a cover letter and full sales letter.
  3. If they didn’t buy from letter #1, I sent two additional mailing pieces.

Second, the online components:

  1. I mailed the same oversized postcard, but with a call to action to get a free online course.
  2. Prospect would online and opt-in for the free course.
  3. The free course was a transcript of Dan’s audio presentation that I split into six sections on six separate webpages. The webpages were words only. No video, no audio.
  4. A three-part email sequence was delivered to encourage people to buy.
  5. I offered non-buyers a free webinar on which I sold “Magnetic Marketing.” When I worked for GKIC, they used the same webinar I created and sold over 1.5 million dollars of the product in under two-years on autopilot.
  6. After that, all leads went on my daily email list. Yes, even back in the day, I was writing a daily email.

I sold all buyers and non-buyers, additional products, services, coaching programs, etc. after the initial Magnetic Marketing sequence.

There were no complicated funnels that required specialized software. The system was straightforward and yet more powerful than Dracula’s gaze.

If you like to get your hands on all of the marketing and sales material and an in-depth masterclass where I go over everything in detail, then it’s time to upgrade to becoming a Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIP. 

This Friday, my VIPs will get access to:

  • The oversized lead generation postcard.
  • An mp3 of Dan Kennedy’s original Magnetic Marketing one-to-many presentation.
  • The original webinar I created to sell Magnetic Marketing.
  • The sales letter.
  • The free course.
  • The order form.
  • The Masterclass where I explain everything.

…and more.

The clock is ticking. Once the masterclass is released, it is locked away in the vault forever.

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