My politically incorrect answer that you might hate

I get a lot of questions from my merry-band of followers but almost only take the time to answer ones from my Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIPs. ‘Tis one of the many benefits.

Here is a question that VIP Brian S. asked in our private VIP Facebook group. It was so good that I wanted to answer it here so everyone could benefit from my words of wisdom.

“Dave, considering JV with someone to help them create and promote own info product (which l would help him create, write sales copy, promote and create the whole automated sales system, website, and the whole 9 yards. How would you recommend protecting oneself, so both JVs are happy and value each other without anyone getting screwed?”

I get a blue bazillion “opportunities” from people who have the greatest idea since dipping crusty bread in olive oil. Their typical pitch is they will “cut me in” on their brilliant idea, and “all” I need do is the marketing.

What young Brian, and anyone with marketing chops, needs to understand, is that “great ideas” are a dime a dozen. It’s the person who can sell stuff, who brings the greatest value to the dance. Naturally, the “idea person” sees things differently, however, remember that their ideas are worthless if they can’t be packaged and sold.

Don’t do a joint venture. Research the market and if you think there is enough demand to warrant creating an info-product and ask the “talent” how much money they would like to be paid to help you put the product together.

In the above scenario, you own the product. You control the money.  You control everything. Best, you don’t have to worry about dealing with the talent’s ego. I GUARANTEE if you do a straight-up partnership with this person and you start selling a lot of product, they will believe THEY are the reason for the success and that THEY don’t need you or that THEY should be making more money than you.

With the model I’ve laid out for you, you’re in control. Plus, as long as you NEVER let the talent know how much money you’re earning, they will be more than happy to continue to create products for you for a fee.

Heed my advice, young squire.

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