[Pictures enclosed] I kid you not, “DOGA” is a real thing

I’m an avid yoga practitioner. Every day I hit the mat for at least 20-minutes. I love the way it makes my body and mind feel. But some folks are going overboard with this whole yoga thing.

Earlier this year,  I reported that my crazy wife Karen was excited to do “goat yoga.” This is where you do yoga with goats. Having a goat jump on me when in downward dog seems like something out of my worse nightmare. Well, yesterday I read about the newest trend “doga.” Yep, yoga with your dog.

No, I am not making this up.  Here is a picture of to prove it:

By ErharYaksaa – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=62034151

Has everyone lost their ever-loving mind?

Doga is actually a hot new thing and yoga studios are cashing in.

The fact is, whether it’s goat yoga, dog yoga, or whatever, it comes back to the marketing basic of having a unique competitive advantage. Dan Kennedy posed the question, “Why should someone do business with you instead of someone else?” What makes you unique and how does that benefit your customer?

Doga and goat yoga entrepreneurs talk about the myriad of psychological health benefits of practicing in their particular style…and do it with a straight face.

Yesterday, I did a phone consultation with a fledgling information marketer who wanted to get into the “start an online business” space. This is already overwrought with gurus, most of whom only make their money teaching people how to start online businesses without ever really doing it themselves. This guy had a different background. He was  bought and sold businesses, been a the Chief Marketing Officer for Fortune 1000 companies, raised money for start-ups, etc. I developed a unique competitive advantage with completely separates him from the “guru world” and will attract him a different breed of customer.

How about you? What makes you unique and how does that benefit your customers. No, you don’t need a goat or even a dog, but you do need a unique competitive advantage if you want to make more sales.

Speaking of gaining a competitive edge.

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