A super quick, hot tip

Happy Friday, kemosabe.

I’m taking today off so I can practice a new version of my mentalism show. We’re having guests over later tonight, and I’ll be performing for them as a type of dress rehearsal for a speaking gig I have coming up. (I typically do my show the night before I speak and sell.)

Anyway, this is going to be brief but oh, so good.

If you want to increase the open rate and response rate to your emails and make them entertaining in the easiest possible way, go to Google and search for “weird holidays.” You’ll discover a “holiday” for practically every day of the year. Some of them are pretty funny. For example, the last week in August is “Be Kind To Humankind” week. 

To create an instant cash flow surge, write a simple email and use the “holiday” as a reason for having a sale, a special promotion, etc. That simple strategy works wonders.

By the way, that’s what I did for my Inner Sanctum VIPs marketing campaign of the month. I wrote four KILLER emails based around weekly holidays, so they’re getting a copy-and-paste promotion for each week in August.

It’s not too late for you to get in on that goodness and other of the other VIP benefits that will INCREASE YOUR SALES when you are a Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIP. BUT, you only have one more day to do so before you miss out.

Don’t dilly-dally. Upgrade here:


Dave “Rehearsal Time” Dee