Lucky Dog Finds Gold

True story.

On Mother’s Day, An Australian man and his two daughters were taking a walk with their dog “Lucky” and found a gold nugget on the ground worth more than $24,000.

Pretty sweet.

Here’s the thing though, my fine feathered friend.

You have gold nuggets hidden in your business in the form of lost clients. These are people who used to do business with you but for one reason or another, just stopped.

If you want to generate a sales surge, the quickest and least expensive thing you can do is to contact your lost clients and make them an irresistible offer to come back.

Getting business, or referrals, by contacting old clients is such low hanging fruit. It’s easier and more possible than trying to generate new business.

In the Inner Sanctum VIP masterclass, I’m releasing tomorrow at noon ET; there is an example of a unique customer reactivation marketing piece that was successfully used by one of my VIPs. You could take this, model it, and send it to lost clients, and mine the gold that’s waiting for you.

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Taking Ginger For A Walk Now” Dee