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UNBELIEVABLE Customer Service

Last night the ole mastermind group went out for one of our decadent dinners in Orlando. The food and wine were terrific, but the waitress we had dwarfed all of that. You won’t believe what she did.

Earlier in the day, my friend Adam Witty smashed his shin on a glass table, and it swelled up to epic proportions. Travis mentioned that there was this cream that would reduce the swelling and that there was CVS nearby.

The waitress overheard the conversation and said that there was a CVS around the corner and then asked Adam precisely what he needed. Adam told her, and she then said, “We’ll go get it for you.” Say what? Wait, it gets better.

After Adam told her that wasn’t necessary, she insisted and cheerfully said that it wasn’t a problem. Adam tried to give her money for the cream, and she wouldn’t accept it.

At the end of the meal, she cheerfully handed Adam a bag from CVS with what he needed inside.


We were all blown away. So much so that Jimmy and Travis, who own Rich Dealers, an Orlando based company, are going to offer her a job.

My guess is that the owner of the restaurant hires high-quality people and then trains them to provide the highest quality service.

Today at breakfast, what do you think we were all still talking about.

The question is, how can you provide five-star service to your clients. It’s one of your best sales strategies.

Have an amazing weekend.

Dave “Amazed” Dee

P.S. On Monday, I’m going to talk to you about a four-person intensive I’m thinking about having at my home. Be thinking about what you would like to accomplish if you could work with me and three other smart folks.

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