Join hands and start a love train - Dave Dee

Join hands and start a love train

‘Tis Valentine’s Day here in the States, so today’s DEEmail has a love theme and some cool music.

Do you love your clients?

Sure, some of them can be a pain in the arse for sure, but overall, aren’t they fantastic? (If you answer “no,” you need to look in the mirror Bubba because you’re the one who attracted them.)

Next question:

How many times a year are you showing them “the love?”

A quick note telling your clients you appreciate them goes a long way. An unexpected gift will knock their socks off.

At a mastermind meeting I’m a part of, gifting master, and author of the book Giftology, John Ruhin taught that the best gifts to send to clients are at the time they don’t expect it. Sure, sending a gift during the holidays is okay, but receiving a random gift has a greater impact. John also said not to send gifts that have your logo on them. That turns the present into a promotional item.

Okay, I need to plan the romantic dinner I’m making for Karen tonight.

Love ya.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Captain Stubing” Dee

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P.S #2: Take three minutes to listen to this oldie but goodie. It’ll lift your spirits.

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