Flying to Italy but NOT doing this when I get there - Dave Dee

Flying to Italy but NOT doing this when I get there

I’m sitting in the Delta lounge waiting to fly to Italy.

I’m speaking at a top-notch marketing event, and I will NOT be selling anything.

Say what?

‘Tis true, my friend. Dr. Dee is getting paid to impart his wisdom to a group of motivated Italian entrepreneurs.

But wait.

What I just told you isn’t 100% true because although I won’t be selling one of my products, I will be selling the audience on my philosophy, on taking action, and on me.

Here’s the truth:

You are always selling something in your business and your personal life.

Influential communication is at the core of your success and getting what you desire.

There is no higher payoff activity than learning how to sell your products, services, or ideas.

And because I’m a prince among men, I’m giving you a $200 discount on my DEEmail Marketing System & Toolkit that shows you how communication with influence via email.

But, this special offer vanishes faster than a bowl of tortellini and brodo when I’m around, at midnight tomorrow.

If you don’t own the program, follow these instructions:

  1. Click here for information.
  2. Fill in the order form.
  3. Click the link that reads “Have a promo code?” enter email200 and click “apply.”

Remember that this special ends tomorrow.

Time to board.

Dave “Italy Here We Come” Dee


About the Author Dave Dee

Dave Dee is the author of the new book, “Sales Stampede” that shows you how to create and deliver signature presentations from the stage or via webinars that sell your consultations, products, or services like magic. For more information and to grab your copy, CLICK HERE now.