The septic tank saga

There is a big-ass pile of dirt taller than me next to my home.

It’s unsightly, and today our landscaping team is going to come over not to get rid of it but to figure out a plan about what to do with it.

No, the dirt pile didn’t mysteriously appear while I was sleeping. We discovered that although we were supposed to have two septic tanks put in when the house was built, the builder tried to pull a fast one, and only put in one.

Karen discovered this and the next thing I knew, the builder was scurrying over here to take care of the issue at his expense. It’s not good to get Karen angry. Kind of like the Hulk. (I’m sure she is going to appreciate that analogy.)

Now that septic tank numero dos is in place, the builder needs to get rid of the pile of dirt. So one problem was solved, and another one was created.

That’s life and business.

In fact, I rejoice at creating particular problems for my customers, clients, VIP members, and myself. I’m talking about the types of problems caused by a flood of sales.

Yes, the money is great but it does cause issues with things like customer service, and it strains systems and forces you to grow. For example, in DEEland, we’re working hard on upgrading many of our systems to handle the growth of our business.

Rapid growth will cause problems but it is sure beats the pants out of the “not having enough sales” problem.

I recently had a consulting client ask me for help with operations because his sales were increasing so much. My response was that those were the problems I create, not solve.

If you want me to help you create a flood of sales problem for you, then becoming a Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIP member is a no-brainer.

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “The Problem Creator” Dee