I’ll be pitching the hell out of burgers tonight

Tonight I get to put my selling skills on display, and I am NOT looking forward to it.

For some ungodly reason, because my stepson plays freshman soccer, Karen and I need to man the refreshment booth for the girl’s soccer game. This whole parental volunteer thing is not my cup of tea.

My goal is to sell out all of the chips, candy bars, burgers, and drinks within the first 30-minutes so we can shut the stand down and I can get out of dodge. But, even with superior salesmanship, that’s not going to happen because there is going to be a sparse crowd. I’ll give it my best shot though by using add-on sales strategy.

“Would you like chips, candy and a drink with your dried-out burger? How about a case of chips?” 

Upsells and add-on sales can dramatically increase your profits. Your customer has already bought something, and it doesn’t cost you any more to sell them something else. Depending on your business, it might take some creativity to come up with an add-on or upsell, but nearly every industry can do it.

For example, when I was a professional magician doing birthday party shows after I closed the sale over the phone, I asked the mom if she wanted me to supply her with magic themed party favors. She almost always said “yes.” (As an aside, I filled the goodie bags with promotional materials.)

So put on your thinking cap and make a list of possible upsells or add-on sales you could offer and then pick one and start selling it. You’ll love the increased profits you get with so little effort.

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Peanuts, Popcorn, Ice-Cream Here!” Dee

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