Hush-hush results and an important lesson

Atlanta has turned cold and windy today, but the sales of my new book Sales Stampede are super-hot.

I want to thank everyone who bought a book. You rock. If you haven’t purchased it yet, you can get it here.

I could have easily gotten Amazon #1 best-seller status in the category of  “sales & selling” had I driven everyone to Amazon to buy it. But I didn’t achieve that goal because, well, it wasn’t a goal.

Yes, I know that for some authors, saying they are a #1 Amazon best-seller is essential. For many it’s an ego thing, for others it’s strategic. Your fearless leader had different strategic outcomes, though.

First and foremost was to sell as many books as possible. I decided not to give them away for shipping, and handling like most marketers are doing. Instead, I priced my hardcover book at just $10.  My thinking was that if someone isn’t willing to spend ten bucks on a book, they’re not a good customer for me.

One Amazon reviewer said it was worth $2,000 and I agree, however, I wanted to deliver such over-the-top value in my book, that someone new to me and my work would be compelled to work with me on a deeper level. So, that was one of my strategic goals.

Second, I wanted to make more immediate DEEnero that just ten dollars. If I drove everyone to buy from Amazon, that wouldn’t have happened. I offered Sales Stampede on my website, so buyers had the opportunity to invest in other products I had after they bought the book. My one-click upsell numbers were spectacular so much so that I’m beginning to think that the special offers I made were too good. (I might have test raising prices at some point, but for now, I’m going to leave them where they are.)

I had other strategic outcomes for the launch of the book, but those listed above were the two most important ones. The point is before you embark on any journey, know what your real outcomes are. Yes, “begin with the end in mind.”

Let’s say you’re taking a trip to Disney World with your family. Is your goal to make sure you get on every ride or is your real goal to create a loving memory that your children will remember forever? The outcome you desire determines the actions you will take.

Listen, I’m a big believer in the “ready-aim-fire” and “take massive action” philosophy’s, however, you must temper that with having a strategic vision for what you truly desire.  Without that, you might get a result; it might just not be the outcome that fulfills you.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero”

Dave “Not Amazon Best Seller” Dee

P.S If you don’t have my book yet, get it here. I guarantee it will be one of the most valuable books you’ll ever own.