Driving around frantically looking for a turkey - Dave Dee

Driving around frantically looking for a turkey

Earlier this week, Karen and I went to Whole Foods to get stuff for Thanksgiving.

Pies. Check.

Potatoes. Check.

Bread for stuffing. Check.

Fresh turkey. “Sorry, we’re completely sold out of turkey.” Say what?

My initial plan was to have our youngest son, Drew, hide in a tree in our backyard with a BB gun and hunt one of the wild turkeys that frequently invade our property.

Unfortunately, Karen didn’t like that plan, so we scurried out of Whole Foods to go to a different supermarket.

We called one, but they too were sold out of fresh turkey. My new plan was to go to the deli and ask them to slide some breast EXTRA thick.

Karen nixed that genius idea as well, so we called another store.

Yes! They had a couple of turkeys left. I stepped on the accelerator, and we sped off to secure a bird.

Alls well that ends well, and as soon as I finish writing to you, I’m starting the cooking process-turkey in hand.

Waiting to the last minute to plan is a bad idea when it comes to Thanksgiving, but even a worse plan when it comes to your business.

The sad fact is most business owners have “hope” as their only plan for growing in 2020. Hope ain’t a plan, kemosabe. You need practical, proven strategies and systems.

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Happy Thanksgiving” Dee

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