The year I ruined Thanksgiving

The other day one of my kids said to me, “Remember the year you ruined Thanksgiving?” I was a little taken aback because I had no recollection of that incident, so I asked him to explain.

He went on to recount how I made a big Italian dinner instead of traditional turkey with all the “fixings’.”

For the record, I would much rather have Italian food instead of turkey on Thanksgiving, but the fact is that it never happened. Here’s the truth:

Years ago, I suggested that we have a non-traditional Thanksgiving meal. I painted a vivid picture of all of the delicacies I would prepare.  You could almost smell the homemade sauce and taste the ravioli as it delighted your tastebuds. But my alternative meal was quickly shot down by everyone, including my wife, and I ended up making a turkey.

When you are selling, you need to paint two pictures for your audience. One, how there life will be if they do what you tell them to do, and two, the negative impact of not taking action on what you suggest. You need to make these two visions crystal clear, so they feel as if they are experiencing them.

By selling your audience on the vision first, you make closing the sale at the end easier. Of course, your audience has to want what you’re selling. In the case of my proposed new holiday meal, no one but your fearless leader wanted it.

Tomorrow I’ll be cooking the traditional meal, but tonight I’m making homemade meatballs (And, my meatballs are the best on the planet.), as part of a semi-protest.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “The Guy Who Ruined Thanksgiving” Dee

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