Anti-Black Friday Email - Dave Dee

Anti-Black Friday Email

No more turkey, please.

Good, lord, I don’t even like turkey. For the record, two family members chowed down on my meatballs after eating the bird.

As you know, today is “Black Friday,” where thousands of business owners slash prices on their products and some of their services.

While I like taking advantage of this opportunity, and while it does create a cash-flow surge for businesses, I’m not participating in it only because every other company is doing it. I like being different.

Black Friday, however,  does provide a reasonable justification for lowering your prices.

There always needs to be a “reason why” you are doing a price drop.

From the platform, it can be that the promoter of the event pressed you to give his audience a better price. Better still is the sponsor of the event is paying for a portion of the product or service you’re selling. (This works great, by the way.)

Remember, whenever you do a price drop, you need to have a reason why.

Gotta go have a turkey and stuffing sandwich. Er, um I meant “meatball sandwich.”

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “No Black Friday Deals” Dee

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