Derren Brown's "secret" I learned from the Mrs. - Dave Dee

Derren Brown’s “secret” I learned from the Mrs.

I admit it. I’m jealous.

Last week Karen, my wife, and the person who runs our business went to see mentalist Derren Brown on Broadway with our son Jake.

Derren is the best of the best. Look him up on YouTube, and you’ll see what I mean.

Last night, I was asking Karen about the show’s structure – not necessarily about what Derren did, but rather his presentation of what he did.

Being a mentalist myself, I was interested in how a “layman” saw his performance. I precisely wanted to know whether specific dogma and “rules” we learn from others in the trade hold true in the eyes of the audience.

For example, there is a particular performance piece that almost all mentalists will tell you is the most powerful part of any show.  When I asked Karen about it, she said she enjoyed it, but it was not her favorite part of the show. (For the record, Derren does this particular “effect” better than almost anyone in the world.)

The point is that we need to be careful about following the “rules” created by people in our industry. Most often, it’s the blind leading the blind. Everyone copies everyone else and believes what they’re doing follows “best practices” because they see everyone else doing the same thing.

Your real breakthroughs will come from outside your industry, not inside.

Take Inner Sanctum VIP, Natalie Smook. She could have copied what many financial advisors do and send out a mailing for “free dinner seminars.” But instead, she selected a specific target market and created a kick-butt webinar for them. Her results from this unorthodox methodology would make other advisors drool.

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Dave “Derren Is Amazing” Dee

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