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It’s not a secret, but no one is using it

Happy Monday.

It’s no secret that my beloved Miami Dolphins are an embarrassment. Here’s something else that’s NOT a secret, but it will help you you’ll attract more leads, better quality leads, and close sales more easily.

Drumroll, please.

Niche your marketing.

Yeah, yeah, I know you’ve heard that old song and dance before, but let me prove to you how effective this strategy can be if done correctly.

Inner Sanctum VIP and financial advisor, Natalie Schmook, made the smart decision to niche a webinar for orthodontists only. Naysayers would tell you there’s no way would doctors sign-up for a webinar and then show up. Well, here’s what Natalie has to say:

“We were expecting 50-80 doctors for the call, we had 160 signed up, and 170 requesting the replay. My email list literally went from 0 to over 350 in 3 days. On the actual webinar, of the 80-something who stayed through the whole call, over 28 doctors booked follow up appointments with me. The offer worked. It was too compelling to turn down. The actual numbers demonstrate a 29% conversion rate?”

The truth is, there’s more to Natalie’s smashing success than just niching, but that played a big part in her getting over-the-top results.

If you want to learn all of her secrets, you’re in-luck, kemosabe, because Natalie and I created an in-depth masterclass where she revealed every nuance of her methodology including how she got doctors to register for her webinar. This masterclass is an exclusive release for Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIPs on October 1st.

You will get access to this masterclass by upgrading your status to VIP here:

Let’s make it an outstanding week!

~Dave “Niche It, Baby” Dee


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