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A long-lost marketing strategy resurrected

Almost every time I mention the following strategy at a seminar, entrepreneurs act as they’ve never heard of it.

That’s strange because this strategy is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to generate leads.

I’m talking about endorsed mailings; direct mail or email.

The concept is simple. You find non-competitive business owners who have the same types of customers like you, and you promote each other’s products or services to each of your lists.

For example, I recently did a “webinar swap” with my friend Tom Poland. Tom emailed his list twice promoting my webinar, and I did the same for him. There were no affiliate commissions — just a straight-up endorsement.

You can also use the famous “endorsed mailing” strategy.  That is where one business owner sends a letter to her customers in her envelope, on her letterhead endorsing the product or service of another business owner.

If you can find someone who has a strong “circle of influence,” and get that person to recommend you to that group, you can be busy for a long time to come.

In the Inner Sanctum VIP masterclass being released on October 1st, we cover how to do set up this type of arrangement in more detail.

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