Atlanta woman lets bobcats sleep with her

Strange but true…

My wife Karen in a non-practicing Realtor but she is helping our friend’s Kim and Ian find a home in Atlanta. She thought she had discovered the perfect digs, and then came across a shocking discovery – The owner of the home, a divorced woman, had a bobcat sanctuary in her backyard.

But it gets better.

Fortunately, the “kitty-cats” as the homeowner called them, were locked up but Karen discovered a ladder leading up to the bedroom window, where the Bobcats climbed up nightly to snooze with their owner.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Can you imagine what the builder of the house thought when he asked our bobcat lover what she “amenities’ she wanted the house to have? My guess is it was the first and last time he has ever heard, “I need a ladder that my kitty-cats can climb so they can make it into my bedroom.”

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Dave “Strange Tails (get it?)” Dee