6 Of The Dumbest Things The New Breed Of Experts Are Teaching

I’ve been reading a lot of crapola from self-proclaimed marketing experts, and I’d like to set the record straight, so you don’t get sucked in by their bad, profit-killing advice.

  • People have short attention spans so long copy no longer works. This is just plain stupid. This debate has long been decided. Long,  well-written copy, presented to an interested target market, will almost always out pull short copy. Yes, even on Facebook, in videos – whatever.
  • Sales letters are dead. Use should only be using video. Um, nope. There is no denying the power of video sales letters. However, the good ole long form sales letter still works. A combination is almost always your best bet.
  • You need to “nurture” your prospects before you try to sell them. Huh? Since when? Yes, delivering content that sells is a good idea and is as old as the hills however just moving the “free-line” and delivering content for the sake of content makes no sense. It might make people like you, but it won’t help you make more sales.  Every piece of content you deliver should lead to a sale.
  • Email is no-longer effective. Ha! I make six-figures every year with JUST email marketing. If you do it right, it works like gangbusters and STILL GIVES YOU THE BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK. I once had a “CEO” tell me that he did not like my email marketing strategies because my emails were too long and not “professional.” He insisted that he was right because he was “certified in email marketing.” LOL. What the hell does that mean? I told him I am certified in making sales.
  • You need complicated marketing funnels. This advice is most often given by fancy funnel sellers, but the fact is the principles of direct response marketing hold true. You need to capture leads and then sell them something. I used a sequence of three sales letters sent in the mail to close 20% of leads on a $249 front end product. Not fancy, but effective.
  • The rules of marketing have changed with the advent of social media. The PRINCIPLES of direct response marketing have been the same for the last one-hundred years and will remain the same because they are based on a solid foundation of sales psychology. The TACTICS will shift, but the underlying principles are timeless.

Rant over.

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Dave “Truth-Teller” Dee