All disciplines affect each other

One of the major philosophies I adopted, that helped me achieve a business breakthrough came from the late Jim Rohn. Here is what he said:

“All disciplines affect each other. Every new discipline affects all of our other disciplines. Every new discipline that we impose on ourselves will affect the rest of our personal performance in a positive way.”

In a Facebook post, I wrote:

The problem with marketing and sales training programs – mine included up to this point – is that they focus exclusively on strategy and techniques.

Both of those things are important and necessary BUT are only pieces of the success puzzle if you want to experience a breakthrough.

If you want to experience a real breakthrough in your business, you need to implement non-business disciplines in addition to getting better at sales and marketing.

On Thursday, I will be going over this is great detail during a live online seminar I’m doing.

Details are coming tomorrow.

Have a great rest of your Sunday.

Dave “More disciplines = More success” Dee