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You’re a bit odd

You’re a bit odd, my friend…and so am I.


Because we’re friggin’ entrepreneurs.

We’ve chosen to not to take the safe path. We’ve chosen to run our own show and make money for ourselves instead of working to make another bloke rich.

For the longest time, I didn’t embrace my oddness let alone let it become public. I tried to be who others thought I should be.  And the ugly truth is, I still struggle with it although not as much.

My guess is you’re into personal development type of stuff, right?

That stuff can screw with your head and not in a good way. Here’s why:

It can lead you to think you need to be someone else other than more of who you are.

You read the latest guru’s book or go to his seminar and you want to be like him. Read enough of these books or go to too many of these seminars and you begin to lose who you are.

Self improvement is fantastic if you are using to become a better version of yourself.  Not if it causes you to feel like crap about yourself by making you feel that you need to be someone different.

Now here is where this all gets tricky:

You need to be who are, quirkiness and all, in your public/business persona as well. Doing so will endear yourself to your clients and prospects and make you real and authentic because you will be real and authentic. The more you embrace that, the more success you will experience.

It wasn’t until I embraced my oddness and who I really was that I had my first business breakthrough. It wasn’t until I finally let out what was inside of me since age eight and I fully embraced “I want to be a magician and I’m f**king make it happen!” did my life begin to change.

You see I wouldn’t have gone to the seminar, bought the marketing program and then locked myself in room over the weekend to go through it and then start implementing it on Monday, had I not embraced who I really was.


You must admit being a magician isn’t a normal career path. It’s a bit odd.

But I didn’t learn my lesson about embracing who I was when I first got into information marketing and coaching. I thought I had to be someone else. I thought I had to be what I believe people wanted. The fact is my clients and yours want authentic people, who really care, and can help them get results. That’s what they’re looking for.

Today I’m happy to let you know that this yoga doing, horror movie loving, fine wine drinking, foodie, part-time mentalist, Miami Dolphins fan from Massachusetts, father, step-father, husband, ex-husband, brother, son, marketing and sales guy is on a mission to help you increase your sales – not just for the money but so you live a happier more fulfilled life.

As part of that, I’m doing a free, online seminar this Thursday, where I’m going to take you through the “Business Breakthrough Triad” that can help transform your business and your life in as little as 90-days just like it did for me. Click the link below to register:

Free Business Breakthrough Online Seminar

As always, my odd friend…

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Embrace Your Oddness” Dee



About the Author Dave Dee

Dave Dee is the author of the new book, “Sales Stampede” that shows you how to create and deliver signature presentations from the stage or via webinars that sell your consultations, products, or services like magic. For more information and to grab your copy, CLICK HERE now.