A word of warning for the foolish like me - Dave Dee

A word of warning for the foolish like me

Here is a ” Tuesday Morning Quick Tip” from Dr. Dee that has nothing to do with sales or marketing, but will save you time, frustration, and mucho DEEnero.

Back up all of your essential files on an external hard drive AND in the cloud.

Your fearless leader thought he was doing the right thing by diligently backing up his important stuff to an external hard drive until last night when it stopped working.

Yes, I tried all the solutions, so no need to email me with suggestions. (But, hey man, I still appreciate you.) I need to send the hard drive off to a pro and pay hundreds of dollars to retrieve my data.

My problemo wouldn’t have happened if I had moved into the 21st century and had a backup in the cloud.

Live and learn.

Kick butt, and make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Head NOT in the clouds” Dee

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