Getting to the heart of the matter

It seems a bit weird sitting in my conference room this morning because there is no one here but your fearless leader. Last week we had folk here, every day, Wednesday – Saturday.

During my consultations with the entrepreneurs who came to the DEEWORLD HQ, a common theme emerged, which was finding out what your prospects genuinely desire and then making your marketing message and sales presentations about that.

I’ve written about discovering what your prospect wants and selling that to them a lot. Still, even the most sophisticated business owners need to be reminded of it, focus on it, and make sure that they are doing it.

When you tap into the emotional reasons why your prospect wants your service, speak to those reasons, and clearly show your prospect how investing in your service will get them what they want, closing the sale is easy.

The question is, how do you find out what your prospect desires?

Well, that’s what the next Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIP masterclass, I’m releasing on Saturday is about. VIPs are going to discover how to tap into the emotional reasons their prospects want to buy so they can create irresistible marketing messages that generate highly-motivated leads.

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