Words of wisdom from two Holocaust survivors - Dave Dee

Words of wisdom from two Holocaust survivors

Last night Karen and I went to a presentation where two married Holocaust survivors, Laszlo and Vera, spoke.

Both of them delivered a message of hope and had a positive outlook on life and the future. They stress that to try to find the good in all situations.

During a poignant part of the speech, Vera told us how her mother handed her over to strangers right before the Nazis took her and her husband away. She spoke of the strength her mother had to take that action.

The lesson was clear: Make the hard decisions and do what’s right, even if it’s difficult or painful.

(Yes, miraculously, Vera was reunited with her mother and father after the war ended, although her brother did not make it.)

Towards the end of the presentation, Vera said, “There are always miracles.”

Maybe we should take time to notice the miracles in our lives and be grateful for them.

Dave “Humbled” Dee

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