Why would you take an Italian here?

A couple of months ago I was having dinner in Chicago with my friend and Italian super-entrepreneur Frank Merenda.

The tasting menu and wine pairing were by far the worst I’ve ever had. You know that you’re in trouble when you can’t drink the first wine because it’s so foul.

Anyway, Frank told me about the time he was on a business trip to California, and his associate thought it would be a treat from him to go to the OLIVE GARDEN for dinner.

Say what, Buckwheat?

You’re taking a dude from Italy to the Olive Garden?


But honestly no more insane than trying to sell your clients what you want to sell them instead of what they want to buy, or trying to sell them what they need instead of what they desire.

Not many people want to get an estate plan or dental implants or get their back worked on, or to sue someone, or to buy an online course with 15 videos.

By the way, they don’t even want the “benefits” of what you’re selling.

Even the “outcome” of whatever your product or service is, isn’t the major motivating force.

What your prospects are looking for is the transformation buying from you will give them, and transformation is emotional.

Almost no one digs deep enough or has developed the level of rapport with their prospects necessary to discover what TRANSFORMATION their prospect desires.

If you want to discover how to create a presentation that causes your prospect to desire what you’re selling, get my “7 Figure Sales Presentation Template,” for free here.

Let’s make it a great week and as always,

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “No Olive Garden Ever” Dee

P.S. As we’re driving back from dinner, Frank looks at me and says that he would have rather eaten at the Olive Garden than the fancy restaurant in Chicago.

Funny guy.