Get Drunk And Have The Police Pay For It

So this morning I’m reading some news on the ole Internet and came across this story about how the Kutztown Borough Police Department in PA placed the following Facebook ad:












Well in the words of the immortal Gomer Pyle, “surprise, surprise, surprise” the police department was inundated with people who wanted to volunteer to do their “civic duty.”

Now, my guess is that the police department didn’t hire a top-gun copywriter to craft their Facebook post. More than likely they didn’t do use “ninja” Facebook marketing strategies to generate a slew of leads. So how come their little post generated so many “leads.”


They created an irresistible offer and put it in front of people who wanted what they were “selling.” It was the perfect “message to market” match.

One of the most effective ways for you to close more sales is to improve your offer and present it to people who want what you’re selling and then put it into a presentation structure that closes the sale.

Okay, I need to go scour Facebook and see if the Atlanta Police department is offering the same deal.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Only If There Is Italian Wine” Dee

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