Why does a _______ have to do THAT? - Dave Dee

Why does a _______ have to do THAT?

Ah, the innocence of youth.

Last night during dinner, (Yes, I am back on cooking dinner duty.), my stepson Jake who’s in medical school, asked, “Why would a doctor or lawyer need to learn how to sell?

He was under the assumption that if someone had an advanced degree, selling wouldn’t be necessary. That’s okay for a kid in medical school to think, but unfortunately, many professionals in private practice still have this erroneous belief. They think, “If I just hang up my pretty degree and put a shingle on my door, prospects will come rolling in. And, then my prospect will understand how good I am and hand over their credit card.”

Maybe that happens on Fantasy Island, but in the real world, the best marketer and closer wins. Yes, the professional needs to deliver stellar service, but that alone is not enough to have a successful business.

My stepson added, “I would never want to be in private practice because I want to spend my time practicing medicine and not selling.” That’s fine, but I can make a strong argument that acquiring sales skills will further his career. Everyone sells something; the question is whether they are good at it or not.

I assume that you understand the importance of selling because you’re reading this. What I’d like you to do is embrace it because there is no question that if you become a master of influence, your income will increase, you’ll help more people and get more of what you desire.

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Dave “De plane boss! De plane” Dee

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