Could one email change everything for you? - Dave Dee

Could one email change everything for you?

What is the first email you send to a new lead?

Does it accomplish the following:

  • Sets you apart from every other service provider in your market?
  • Shows how deeply you care about the prospect?
  • Lets them know that you understand their pain?
  • It makes them feel like you know them on a deep level?
  • It gets them to like and trust you immediately?
  • Creates an unquenchable desire to want to meet with you?

I can guess what your answer is because it’s the same as mine – No.

Well, that’s what your first contact with a prospect should do.

For the June Inner Sanctum VIP masterclass, I interviewed one of my members, Mike Ski, who is crushing it using the techniques and strategies he’s been learning from me. It blew me away when he explained how he incorporated my Psychic Sales techniques, including cold reading, into his introductory email to a prospect. I put him on the spot during the masterclass and asked him if he would share a copy of the email with his fellow VIPs. He graciously agreed.

You can get that email to model and all the other secrets he shared if you’re a VIP before the masterclass is released.

The deadline to join us is looming.

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Dave “Increase Your Sales Now” Dee


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